What It Is & How To Call It In, From Experts


Nowadays, the idea of divine inspiration is still around, though it can be less secular, depending who you ask. As Kaiser explains, divine inspiration is the concept that a supernatural force, beyond the human self, causes an influx of creative ideas and/or desires.

“Depending on what you believe, this could be inspiration from God, universal source energy, ascended masters, archangels, spirit guides, ancestors, or even your higher self,” she notes, adding, “I like to say that divine inspiration is the support of love energy guiding you.”

According to professional intuitive and the author of Angel IntuitionTanya Carroll Richardson, another definition of divine inspiration is “something you feel your soul wants you to do, or as I call it, feeling like you are on a soul mission.”

Divine inspiration can happen to anyone at anytime, Kaiser says, but it can certainly correlate with spiritual awakenings—whether a spiritual awakening elicits divine inspiration or vice versa.

“Often being divinely inspired involves seeing how you can be of service to, or help benefit, a greater humanity or world,” Richardson adds. “Divine inspirations involve something larger than yourself, and a big part of spiritual awakenings is realizing and even feeling that everyone and everything is connected.”

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